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"Welcome back to Get Lit, the literary podcast where we discuss famous works of literature and the authors who wrote them..."

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January 24th, 2023

Get Lit Episode 199: Sir Walter Scott

This week, Jon takes over host duties to explore the legacy of a hugely influential author (and also clerk, sheriff, and other assorted jobs): Sir Walter Scott. Scott's historically oriented and romantically inclined work influenced authors from Jane Austen to Edgar Allan Poe, cementing his place in the literary canon! 


January 17th, 2023

Get Lit Episode 198: Renée Vivien

This week: iconic lesbian bohemian poet Renée Vivien, everyone! She lived a fantastically wild life, writing work and living as her truest and most authentic self. She traveled the world wearing pants, left suitors in her wake, and wrote decadent and devastating poetry along the way. We celebrate 'The Muse of Violets', (for your consideration as Valentine's Day approaches)! 


January 10th, 2023

Get Lit Episode 197: Ezra Pound

This week, we unpack and interrogate the legacy of modernist poet Ezra Pound, who had a heavy hand in shaping contemporary poetry, but also had some heavily problematic beliefs. From his initial limericks to his long cantos, there's a lot of things in this episode's suitcase! Join us for this AND find out which works enter the public domain in 2023 - also VIP information! 


Steph Svarz

Steph is a high school English & Theater teacher by day and library tour guide/podcaster by night.

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Jon Stricker

Jon works as a full-time structural engineer, part time musician, actor and blooming chef.  

Find him on your local scaffolding. 


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