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"Welcome back to Get Lit, the literary podcast where we discuss famous works of literature and the authors who wrote them..."

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March 28th, 2023

Get Lit Episode 208: Elizabeth Bishop

To conclude Women's History Month and kick off National Poetry Month, we're proud to bring you Elizabeth Bishop. Bishop wrote clear and true about the landscapes she experienced and the world around her. She lived a hard life, but wrote with honesty, finding the beauty and elegance in the everyday. Join us in honoring her work and legacy! 


March 21st, 2023

Get Lit Episode 207: Elsa Maxwell

Join us for some tall tales, short tales, and some stories that are truly the stuff of fairy tales as we discuss Elsa Maxwell. Maxwell revolutionized what it meant to throw a good party. She lived deeply and joyfully, celebrating every part of life in the most fantastic ways. She wrote up the social news, music and scripts for films, entertaining guides, and wrote her way into the fabric of American culture. Oh... and also. She staged a party game version of 'Clue' except the guests weren't aware the body was fake... 


March 14th, 2023

Get Lit Episode 206: Lillian Hellman

This week, we're celebrating the strong, passionate, and powerful presence of Lillian Hellman. Hellman wrote plays that broke barriers, advocated for workers and women, and stood up to the most powerful people in America. Her work and way of living are very inspiring, with just a touch of spite and magic! 


Steph Svarz

Steph is a high school English & Theater teacher by day and library tour guide/podcaster by night.

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Jon Stricker

Jon works as a full-time structural engineer, part time musician, actor and blooming chef.  

Find him on your local scaffolding. 


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