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November 22nd, 2022

Get Lit Episode 190: Ella Cara Deloria

Stephanie returns from California with an author in tow: Jack London - adventurer, author, activist, and Oyster Pirate? We explore his work and prolific career, featuring many dog protagonists and also bring you a stop at an F. Scott Fitzgerald haunt, Ray Bradbury's Hollywood walk of fame star and a few bookstore stops! 


November 15th, 2022

Get Lit Episode 189: Charles Eastman

This week, we profile Native Doctor, author, activist, and speaker Charles Eastman. Eastman traveled around the world to raise awareness and educate people about Native American traditions, cultures, and communities. He worked tirelessly to advocate for Native American rights and served on numerous committees at local and national levels, ensuring that his people would always have a voice at the table. 


November 8th, 2022

Get Lit Episode 188: Zitkala-Ša

Just in time to mark this most recent election cycle, we honor the legacy of Zitkala-Ša - activist, writer, composer, and educator. She worked tirelessly to properly document and present Native American culture, advocate for Native suffrage, and create connections between communities that helped ensure their heritage and ways of life could be preserved for future generations.


Steph Svarz

Steph is a high school English & Theater teacher by day and library tour guide/podcaster by night.

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Jon Stricker

Jon works as a full-time structural engineer, part time musician, actor and blooming chef.  

Find him on your local scaffolding. 


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