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"Welcome back to Get Lit, the literary podcast where we discuss famous works of literature and the authors who wrote them..."

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May 30th, 2023

Get Lit Episode 216:Elie Wiesel

We're ending our exploration of Jewish American Heritage Month with Elie Wiesel. Wiesel's iconic memoir 'Night' is for many, an introduction to the Holocaust. His work as an author, activist, and teacher helped advocate for those whose stories had been ignored. We respect and honor his story and reflect on the role that storytelling plays in keeping us distinctly human. 


May 23rd, 2023

Get Lit Episode 216: Norman Mailer

Jon takes us all on a JOURNEY through Norman Mailer's life. Mailer was as much of a character as those he wrote. We discuss his colorful life, his Pulitzer Prizes (plural), his wives (also plural), and more! Join us to learn more about this novelist, co-founder of The Village Voice, and boxer(?). 


May 16th, 2023

Get Lit Episode 215: Nora Ephron 

Need a respite this week? Join us for Nora Ephron whose masterful screenplays capture so much of what we love about love and love about each other. Her career spanned decades as she captured audience's hearts and minds in her essays, articles, movies, plays, and more. Celebrate Nora Ephron's legacy with us, and maybe bring a slice of pie too. 


Steph Svarz

Steph is a high school English & Theater teacher by day and library tour guide/podcaster by night.

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Jon Stricker

Jon works as a full-time structural engineer, part time musician, actor and blooming chef.  

Find him on your local scaffolding. 


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