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Get Lit Year 4

Episode 209: L. Frank Baum

We're celebrating the last episode of our 4th season with a trip to Oz! We're discussing the life of the legendary writer, chicken farmer, playwright, businessman, newspaper man, and theatre artist L. Frank Baum! His books about Dorothy and others in the land of Oz have had a truly sensational impact on pop culture in many forms, most notably, the 1939 film seen by over 1 billion people! This special LIVE episode celebrates the whimsy and wonder that inspires us all to follow our own yellow brick roads! Listen HERE.

April 4th, 2023

Episode 208: Elizabeth Bishop

To conclude Women's History Month and kick off National Poetry Month, we're proud to bring you Elizabeth Bishop. Bishop wrote clear and true about the landscapes she experienced and the world around her. She lived a hard life, but wrote with honesty, finding the beauty and elegance in the everyday. Join us in honoring her work and legacy! Listen HERE.

March 28th, 2023

Episode 207: Elsa Maxwell

Join us for some tall tales, short tales, and some stories that are truly the stuff of fairy tales as we discuss Elsa Maxwell. Maxwell revolutionized what it meant to throw a good party. She lived deeply and joyfully, celebrating every part of life in the most fantastic ways. She wrote up the social news, music and scripts for films, entertaining guides, and wrote her way into the fabric of American culture. Oh... and also. She staged a party game version of 'Clue' except the guests weren't aware the body was fake... Listen HERE.

March 21st, 2023

Episode 206: Lillian Hellman

This week, we're celebrating the strong, passionate, and powerful presence of Lillian Hellman. Hellman wrote plays that broke barriers, advocated for workers and women, and stood up to the most powerful people in America. Her work and way of living are very inspiring, with just a touch of spite and magic!  Listen HERE.

March 14th, 2023

Episode 205: Sophie Treadwell

This week: murder, mayhem, and Machinal! That's right - we're bringing you Sophie Treadwell! This extraordinary woman was a groundbreaking journalist, author, actress, and playwright who forged forward, leaving chaos but paving the way for other women to follow. Her work, like her, is strong, powerful, and passionate! Join us! Listen HERE.

March 7th, 2023

Episode 204: Mary Church Terrell

This week, we get to know Mary Church Terrell: activist, speaker, writer, and educator! Terrell's TIRELESS work changed the lives of Black people across the U.S. She advocated for women's voting rights, worked on anti-lynching and desegregation campaigns, all while teaching, writing, and lecturing around the world. Terrell's ineffable spirit should certainly serve as an inspiration and motivation for each of us! Listen HERE.

February 28th, 2023

Episode 203: William Wells Brown

This week, we learn about William Wells Brown! Who is he? An excellent question - Wells Brown was born into slavery, escaped, and spent his life advocating for abolition and rights for women through his writing, exceptional speeches and activism. He helped dozens of other enslaved people to freedom, toured the US and Europe, and became a Doctor toward the end of his life. Wells Brown's legacy deserves much more time in the spotlight, which we hope to add to in this episode! Listen HERE.

February 21st, 2023

Episode 202: Margaret Walker

We're continuing our celebration of Black History Month with Margaret Walker! This remarkable poet certainly walked the walk and wrote the... writing? She used the power of her pen to advocate for Black women, while teaching and creating space to celebrate and uplift Black creatives! Join us for this and a little Valentine's Day appreciation! Listen HERE.

February 14th, 2023

Episode 201: James Weldon Johnson

This week, we're kicking off our Black History Month celebration by honoring the legacy of James Weldon Johnson, the brilliant writer behind 'Lift Every Voice and Sing'. BUT did you know that Johnson wrote numerous other poems, articles, and songs in addition to being a school principal, lawyer, diplomat, jingle writer, Broadway composer, and professor? There's a lot to learn about this incredible author, come a long for the ride and the celebration! Listen HERE.

February 7th, 2023

Episode 200: Dante Alighieri

It's our 200th episode! And we're descending into hell to learn more about Italian writer, poet, delegate,  and apothecary Dante Alighieri! Dante's influence casts a wide net across politics, our understanding of 'hell', the Italian language and more! We're joined by Ailey Yamamoto and Dan Esquivel with original games, and plenty of stories. Grab your bags - it's going to be a wild descent! Listen HERE.

January 31st, 2023

Episode 199: Sir Walter Scott

This week, Jon takes over host duties to explore the legacy of a hugely influential author (and also clerk, sheriff, and other assorted jobs): Sir Walter Scott. Scott's historically oriented and romantically inclined work influenced authors from Jane Austen to Edgar Allan Poe, cementing his place in the literary canon! Listen HERE.

January 23rd, 2023

Episode 198: Renée Vivien

This week: iconic lesbian bohemian poet Renée Vivien, everyone! She lived a fantastically wild life, writing work and living as her truest and most authentic self. She traveled the world wearing pants, left suitors in her wake, and wrote decadent and devastating poetry along the way. We celebrate 'The Muse of Violets', (for your consideration as Valentine's Day approaches)! Listen HERE.

January 17th, 2023

Episode 197: Ezra Pound

This week, we unpack and interrogate the legacy of modernist poet Ezra Pound, who had a heavy hand in shaping contemporary poetry, but also had some heavily problematic beliefs. From his initial limericks to his long cantos, there's a lot of things in this episode's suitcase! Join us for this AND find out which works enter the public domain in 2023 - also VIP information! Listen HERE.

January 10th, 2023

Episode 196: Ursula K. LeGuin

We're kicking off 2023 with an inspiration - Ursula K. LeGuin. A poet, novelist, essayist, short story writer, and fierce advocate for writers, there are many things we can learn from this exceptional story teller. Full of magic, courage, and heart, this is an episode you won't want to miss about an author you should read as soon as you are able! Listen HERE.

January 3rd, 2023

Episode 195: Dylan Thomas

This week: lyrical, brilliant, clever, and spectacular, we look at the life of poet Dylan Thomas who fused a variety of art forms to craft his stunning works. We have a guest reader to give you a taste of Thomas' poetry, along with the results of our Would You Rather game, name poll, and some author holiday cards that got lost in the mail! We think it's a delightful episode to bring you all into the new year! See you in 2023! Listen HERE.

December 27th, 2022

Episode 194: A Ho-LIT-day Anthology

Just in time for your Holiday work or school party, we have a very special 'Ho-LIT-day' episode for you full of stories, games, and fascinating trivia! Find out which classic Christmas song was saved from the trash, the origins of sending Christmas Cards, and discover your new favorite Hanukkah tale! We also have a delightful literary 'would-you-rather' game to get you into the holiday spirit (sort of...)! Happy Holidays from Get Lit! Listen HERE.

December 20th, 2022

Episode 193: Hunter S. Thompson

It's stories, facts, pranks, and curiosities galore this week as we learn about the life of journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Known for his chaotic, energetic writing, Thompson made a huge impact on the field of journalism and inspired movies and cultural movements! He also ran for town Sheriff in CO, so there's that. Listen HERE.

December 13th, 2022

Episode 192: Angela Carter

This week, we're here to tell you about feminist icon Angela Carter who worked to forge her own path, traveling the world and infusing her writing with elements of the gothic, magic, and fantasy at a time when women weren't expected to do any of those things! Help us celebrate this 'raconteur of glee' known for her acerbic, bold writing (including several visceral versions of fairy tales) and floppy hats. Listen HERE.

December 6th, 2022

Episode 191: Anton Chekhov

We're off to the theater this week, featuring Russian playwright and short story author, Anton Chekhov, MD! We dive into the backstory of this masterful comedic writer, take a short stop east of Siberia, and learn more about the nuances of acting and 19th century theater! Listen HERE.

November 28th, 2022

Episode 190: Jack London

Stephanie returns from California with an author in tow: Jack London - adventurer, author, activist, and Oyster Pirate? We explore his work and prolific career, featuring many dog protagonists and also bring you a stop at an F. Scott Fitzgerald haunt, Ray Bradbury's Hollywood walk of fame star and a few bookstore stops! Listen HERE.

November 15th, 2022

Episode 189: Charles Eastman

This week, we profile Native Doctor, author, activist, and speaker Charles Eastman. Eastman traveled around the world to raise awareness and educate people about Native American traditions, cultures, and communities. He worked tirelessly to advocate for Native American rights and served on numerous committees at local and national levels, ensuring that his people would always have a voice at the table. Listen HERE.

November 15th, 2022

Episode 188: Zitkala-Ša 

Just in time to mark this most recent election cycle, we honor the legacy of Zitkala-Ša - activist, writer, composer, and educator. She worked tirelessly to properly document and present Native American culture, advocate for Native suffrage, and create connections between communities that helped ensure their heritage and ways of life could be preserved for future generations. Listen HERE.

November 8th, 2022

Episode 187: Ella Cara Deloria

It's Native American History Month! We're celebrating the legacy of Ella Cara Deloria: a ground-breaking novelist, anthropologist, and translator who helped promote and deepen our understanding of the Sioux (Dakota and Lakota) culture, traditions, and ways of life. Her collaborations, research, and work as an educator helped ensure that these traditions live on today. Join us in honoring her legacy! Listen HERE.

November 1st, 2022

Episode 186: Sylvia Plath

In honor of what would have been Sylvia Plath's 90th birthday, we celebrate her work and explore the deep and abiding impact she had on the literary world at large! She changed the way people saw women's voices in writing and how mental health was reflected in society. We salute you, Sylvia! Listen HERE.

October 25th, 2022

Episode 185: Ann Radcliffe & Charlotte Dacre

In this special spooky episode, we feature two early engineers of Gothic horror/terror novels - Ann Radcliffe & Charlotte Dacre. These two women had a huge impact on authors including Jane Austen, Edgar Allen Poe, Sir Walter Scott and Lord Byron! They helped define a new genre and wrote compelling work that is in desperate need of attention! We also walk you through our very own literary haunted house! Listen HERE.

October 18th, 2022

Episode 184: Luís de Camões

Jon is back from his galavanting and brought back an author to share with us: Luís de Camões. This week, learn about this poet, author, and adventurer often referred to as the Portuguese Shakespeare! We also feel implored to say here: Kids, stay in school...  Listen HERE.

October 11th, 2022

Episode 183: Lord Byron

Ailey and Mary from the 'Ghosts in the Closet' Podcast guest host this week as we cover the SCANDALOUS life of Lord Byron! This episode is full of fantastic stories and conspiracies, looking at Byron's wild connections, intensely passionate writing, and adventures across Europe! There is also some wonderful queer-history trivia so come along for the ride*!
*In your carriage, designed to be a replica of Napoleon's carriage... Yeah. 
Listen HERE.

October 5th, 2022

Episode 182: Aristotle & Sophocles

Guest host Dan Esquivel joins Stephanie this week as they cover two Greek powerhouse authors: Aristotle and Sophocles! This episode covers plenty of Get Lit conspiracies and we're bringing you two games you won't want to miss! Join us for this delightful, mythic account of some of the origins of Western thought and writing.  Listen HERE.

September 28th, 2022

Episode 181: Vita Sackville-West

We're pleased to introduce your new favorite novelist-playwright-garden-designer-baroness-paramour, Vita Sackville-West! We're discussing her wild, wonderful, and slightly witchy life as she disrupted marital expectations, gender rolls, and societal boundaries of her era! This episode is full of delightful stories and wild adventures, so join us for the ride! Listen HERE.

September 20th, 2022

Episode 180: Printer's Row Lit Fest 2022

This special episode covers our interviews, stories, and snippets from Printer's Row Lit Fest in Chicago, IL! We talked to people of all ages about the books and authors that changed their lives, who they'd like to take to dinner, and a few literary hot takes! Come along with us and learn about new books, and find out which author won our poll!  Listen HERE.

September 13th, 2022

Episode 179: Countee Cullen

We're exploring the much-neglected legacy of Countee Cullen, Harlem Renaissance poet, playwright, and also, Junior High School teacher! Cullen's work ran counter to many of his contemporaries but made a huge impact on the world of poetry. Despite the mixed reception of his work, he continued to write, create, and challenge the understanding of what it meant to be Black and be an artist in America. Listen HERE.

September 6th, 2022

Episode 178: Mary Robinson

This week, we're featuring the 'Sappho of England': Mary Robinson (not the former Prime Minister of Ireland...)! She lived a life more interesting than her fantastic poetry and prose, which is saying something indeed! Join us for adventure, romance, and a literal man named Banastre Tarleton. Listen HERE.

August 30th, 2022

Episode 177: John Milton

Even though our author this week didn't live in Paradise, we hope our humor isn't totally Lost! That's right, we're learning about John Milton this week - author of the iconic epic poem with a delightful characterization of Satan, along with many other writings and pamphlets (!!!). This episode also features a short dramatic reading, for your delight and enjoyment!  Listen HERE.

August 23rd, 2022

Episode 176: Griselda Gambaro

This week, Dan Esquivel joins us to talk about the remarkable living legacy of Griselda Gambaro, Argentine playwright and activist who used her work to fight an oppressive government regime and pull focus to the experiences and voices of the marginalized! Dan has wonderful stories to share - this is an episode you won't want to miss! Listen HERE.

August 16th, 2022

Episode 175: E.E. Cummings

We're waxing poetic about the legacy of the revolutionary and ever eccentric E.E. Cummings! We explore his work and interesting life and events that shaped his style, including being a pacifist during war and a few tumultuous relationships! There also might be an 50 year overdue library book story tossed in for good measure! Listen HERE.

August 9th, 2022

Episode 174: Carolyn Keene

We're here to uncover the mystery behind the author of The Nancy Drew Series! Known to us as Carolyn Keene, the Nancy Drew novels were written by a series of ghost writers since their debut in 1930, but 23 of the original 30 novels were written by the exceptional Mildred Wirt Benson! We focus on her life and legacy in this episode - it's sure to be a marvelous time! Listen HERE.

August 2nd, 2022

Episode 173: Angelina Weld Grimké

This week, we're looking at the legacy of Angelina Weld Grimké: poet, playwright, and physical education teacher? That's right! Weld Grimké found a home in education before beginning her work as an author. She wrote tirelessly about the experience of Black Americans through her work, including writing,  Rachel, her powerful response to 'The Birth of A Nation'. Come learn with us about her remarkable work!  Listen HERE.

July 26th, 2022

Episode 172: Thomas Chatterton

We're covering the flash of tragic poetic brilliance that was Thomas Chatterton. We explore his history and influence along with a healthy dollop of literary forgery! Chatterton inspired the likes of Rossetti, Keats, and Oscar Wilde himself! Join us to learn more about the short life of an extraordinary poet! Listen HERE.

July 19th, 2022

Episode 171: Ada Lovelace

In a bit of a twist this week, we're celebrating the poetic technical writing of Ada Lovelace. Widely considered among the first computer programers, Lovelace fused her talent with words and her passion for programming to write extraordinary articles in a variety of math and science fields. We also include postcards from the East Coast tour, if you're looking for a little more adventure! Listen HERE.

July 13th, 2022

Episode 170: Selma Lagerlöf

Meet the first woman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature: Selma Lagerlöf! In addition to her groundbreaking literary accomplishments, Lagerlöf also inspired generations of students, restored her beautiful childhood home, traveled the world, received an honorary Doctorate, and fought against the Nazi regime... Safe to say, we should all try to live like Selma! Listen HERE.

July 5th, 2022

Episode 169: Federico García Lorca

We're wrapping up our Pride Month Celebration with Federico García Lorca, a poet, playwright, musician, and artist who helped spur a revolution within the artistic communities in Spain and around the world. He used his art to explore his identity, aesthetics, and what it means to experience to full breadth of what it means to be human. Listen HERE.

June 28th, 2022

Episode 168: Margaret Wise Brown

Get to know the whimsical, hard-working, clever, and Queer author behind the classic children's picture book Goodnight Moon. Margaret Wise Brown was a pioneer in the evolution of children's literature, exploring what it really meant to be a young person. This episode also features a flower cart, a well that doubled as a refrigerator, and a very powerful librarian. Listen HERE.

June 21st, 2022

Episode 167: Natalie Clifford Barney

She has arrived. The Queen of the Paris Lesbians: Natalie Clifford Barney! We're so delighted to speak about the legacy of the woman whose life was as compelling as her writing. She helped shaped generations of writers, artists, and thinkers through her literary salons, hosted with wit, charisma, and eviction? Find out more in this week's episode! Listen HERE.

June14th, 2022

Episode 166: Christopher Isherwood

We're continuing our celebration of Pride Month with Christopher Isherwood, who not only contributed greatly to gay literature, but also served as a model for what an open and public queer relationship could look like. Join us to explore his plays, novels, short stories, screenplays, along with many delightful/wild/thrilling  facts and stories that made Isherwood a true ICON! Listen HERE.

June 8th, 2022

Episode 165: Radclyffe Hall

In this week's very special kick off to Pride Month, Steph is joined by co-hosts of the 'Ghosts in the Closet' Podcast, Ailey Yamamoto and Mary Rogers to discuss the controversial legacy of Radclyffe Hall. Hall is often credited with writing the earliest version of Lesbian Pulp Fiction and explored what a non-binary identity could look like. Also featuring trivia, seances, and mysterious deaths - you won't want to miss it! Listen HERE.

June 1st, 2022

Episode 164: Sanmao

This week, meet the remarkable bohemian author Sanmao who made an incredible impact on the world (very literally - she visited over 50 countries throughout the course of her life!). She changed the literary game with her striking writing, but also empowered women in the way she led her life, resisting societal norms as a true independent spirit. Listen HERE.

May 24th, 2022

Episode 163: Carlos Bulosan

We're headed to the Pacific Northwest as Jon takes over this week to present on the incredible author, activist, poet laureate, and change maker, Carlos Bulosan. He discusses the impact of Bulosan's work on communities around the United States and across the decades.  Listen HERE.

May 17th, 2022

Episode 162: Anne Frank

This week,  in recognition of Jewish American History Month, we honor the legacy of Anne Frank and her extraordinary diary. We hope to further Anne's dream of being recognized as an author and the impact that her words had and continue to have on generations of people around the world. Although not 'American', her diary has deeply impacted American Jews and their understanding of the Holocaust. Listen HERE.

May 10th, 2022

Episode 161: Rudyard Kipling

We're taking a dive into the complex legacy of Rudyard Kipling. Join us in challenging the traditional cannon and learn more about the youngest Nobel Prize Winner in literature, with side bars in Vermont, Japan, Canada, and England! Also ft. engineering! Listen HERE.

May 3rd, 2022

Episode 160: Fanny Burney

This week, we're featuring an extraordinary playwright, novelist, diarist, and Keeper of the Robes - Fanny Burney! In addition to these titles, she can also be counted in: Jane Austen's inspirations and the woman who helped advance medical science by documenting her own mastectomy without anesthesia. You read that correctly - this woman was truly amazing!  Listen HERE.

April 26th, 2022

Episode 159: H.D.

H.D. doesn't ring a bell? Hilda Doolittle, maybe? Regardless of how familiar she might be to you, you'll definitely enjoy this week's episode! We cover ALL the details of this extraordinary poet, translator, novelist, playwright, actress, and editor's life from her entanglements in both love and literature! Listen HERE.

April 19th, 2022

Episode 158: 4th Anniversary Episode

This week, Get Lit celebrates its 4th birthday! We celebrate by giving some superlative awards (Most likely to star in a reality TV series, #MCM/#WCW, etc...), hear advice from your favorite authors and recount our own data! Many thanks to everyone who supported us on the way to this milestone and for always keeping it lit! Listen HERE.

April 12th, 2022

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